About Us


Life Is Better Out On Pasture

Hey there, we're Chelsie and Rob Boles and we own and operate this little slice of heaven called The Grazing Life. 

We did not grow up on farms, care about food (Rob didn't know how to cook until he was in his 30's), or think life was more than just week days and week ends. 

We were fortunate enough to find each other and embark on this absurd farming adventure back in 2010. 

Like many of you, we were searching for a way to access delicious, earth friendly food. Unlike many of you, we decided to just grow it ourselves. Ha!

This means, everyone wins! Yay!


My Name Is Chelsie.

I was an art teacher who worked out several times a week and ate "Healthy". I lived for the weekends, and longed for summer break. I loved to ride my bike, swim, dance, and of course, indulge in the local watering hole. Sounds like the "American Dream", Eh?

I was also extremely unhealthy. Fatigue, weight struggle, horrible blood sugar issues, narcolepsy...and I WAS ONLY IN MY 20'S. I was in and out of doctors visits, getting prescriptions for things I knew were not making me better, and feeling like I was on a giant hamster wheel of death. Haha! But really, it was not great.

My husband (fiance at the time) suggested we try looking into the Paleo Diet, and I thought he was Off-His-Rocker. No PASTA? (I've got quite a bit of sicillian blood) Give up my beloved CEREAL? I mean, frozen meals that have the word "Lean" in them must be good for you, right? I shut his crazy idea down quicker than you can say potato chips.

Well, it didn't take long before I finally decided to give it a try. (He's pretty persuasive, and annoyingly smart.)

Experiencing what real, nourishing, non-toxic food could do for me, in such a short amount of time, truly changed my life. I wanted to know more, and I wanted to know now.


Hello there! I’m Rob, or Bob, preferably. My wife and family call me Rob, but frankly, Farmer Bob has a much nicer ring to it. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, grandpa was Bob, and he was a pretty sweet guy, so I’m rolling with it. Just sayin’.

I was a typical thirty something when this whole adventure started. I had just started to get serious with my super-foxy girlfriend and quickly realized that something wasn’t quite right. We were having fun, had steady jobs, worked out regularly (six days a week pretty hard, actually), but were still struggling with the woes of modern American life. Poor sleep, weight struggles, acne, allergies, narcolepsy(!), you name it and it seemed to find us despite our best efforts to live like model citizens.

I could handle the few extra pounds I was carrying, never noticed it on my girlfriend (she’s smokin’ hot anyway, and it’s what’s inside that counts, right?), and thought the rest was just part of life. What I couldn’t handle was Chelsie’s narcolepsy. It was far too dangerous to ignore. I was getting serious about asking her to someday start a family, and the thought of her falling asleep at the wheel in the middle of the day and doing more than just wrecking another car didn’t sit well. As is my nature, I started reading. It was time to find another way. Through some open-minded research, kind words from a few crunchy friends, and my chiropractor of nearly a decade, I stumbled upon the Paleo Diet. Though we still adhere to many principles of said diet, one thing was for sure. Eating whole, nutrient dense food was the key to healing our secretly ailing bodies.

We started over in the pantry, doubled our food budget, and things started changing. No matter how good we thought we were doing, though, it still seemed like we weren’t quite sure exactly what we were buying, and we hadn’t been able to fully address our desire to buy local food.

I wasn’t exactly happy where I was at in my career. I’d gone off to school, earned a degree, and finally made my way back home to work for the family business. I drove a nice car, had a house, courted clients on and off the golf course, and was fast becoming an airport aficionado. You know, I was a model participant in the rat race. I just didn’t feel right sitting behind a desk (when not in a car or airplane seat), and then feeling the pressure to add exercise to an already busy routine in order to burn all the physical energy keeping me awake at night. Not to mention keep those love handles below personal flotation device status.

So, I sold my stake in the company and used the cash to buy our 65 acres of heaven to grow our own food. This was the answer I felt I’d been looking for since going back to work for the family. I’d be outside, something I had always loved, but never could imagine doing for a living. I’d be building something valuable. I’d be not only mentally, but physically exhausted at the end of the day. It was as though I’d found my calling. A true, honest, and prideful purpose.