Life Is Better Out On Pasture

Are you a busy mom, searching for nourishing, toxic free food for your family?

 Feeling frustrated with what the grocery store has to offer, (and can you even trust it?) 

Maybe you're having trouble navigating all of the "healthy" lingo? 

Or you're simply looking for more (or any) of a connection with your food, and where it came from?

Trust us when we say, "been there, done that". 

And boy is it a struggle to figure it all out. 

Great News though! You're not alone in your quest for real, wholesome, and down right delicious food. 

I bet our journey began just the same as yours. 

Health issues, drained energy, living day to day at a high speed chase without any connection to things that mattered.

We realized what we were looking for couldn't be found in a grocery store, because it was so much more than just food. (And honestly, how often do you find out such and such is actually toxic, or there's another recall for listeria, salmonella, etc.? YUK!)

Our policy is all about transparency, and all we grow are Actual Ingredients. This makes it tough to hide behind fancy words you can't pronounce, or fake labels that are meaningless and worse, deceiving. 

We would love to be your farmer for all things amazingly nutritious and delicious

Join us on our journey to live The Grazing Life, a life that's slow and meaningful, filled with nourishment for our bodies and our land



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