Pasture-Raised Turkey Deposit

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Pasture-Raised Turkey Deposit


Reserve your delicious pasture raised turkey TODAY! Quantity is limited.

This is a non-refundable deposit for turkeys (this includes a giblet bag) and this guarantees you one turkey. We cannot guarantee a specific size at this time.

  • On November 1st, Turkeys will go to processing and they will be uploaded to a secret link on our website.

  • Within a week of processing, I will begin to contact everyone in the order that the purchases were made to select their turkeys and pay the balance. So, if you were the first person to place the $50.00 deposit, you will be the first person to receive the link and select the size of your choice. I will give each person a set amount of time to make their selection before moving on to the next person on the list. (I'll send plenty of reminders to make sure you remember to check your email for the link).

  • Once all of the birds that had deposits are spoken for, any that are left will be up for grabs on our website.

  • Turkeys will be available for pick up from the farm
    (we'll schedule a date and time with you), or through our Rochester and Birmingham drop locations.

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Some other things to consider...

  • The "average" turkey should be around 17 pounds, but they could range from 12-30 pounds. Our pricing is set based on an average per pound rate within a one pound range, plus the processors fee of $14.00. Confused? Lol! I know, but when you go to make your balance purchase it will be all laid out for you as one price. Three examples, a 12-12.99 pound turkey will be $72.10, a 17.00-17.99 pound turkey will be $95.35, and a 27-27.99 pound turkey will be $141.85. The $50.00 deposit will be deducted and you are left paying $22.10, $45.35, or $91.85 at the final payment for each of these examples.

  • Remember that these turkeys are an investment to you and your families health. This is what the real cost of real food looks like and unfortunately the food industry, along with government supplementation have skewed our view of what food should cost. This is a nutrient dense, soul warming, environmentally friendly product that you'll have a hard time even finding in a grocery store.

  • To make your dollar go even further, take the carcass and make a giant pot of bone broth. Beak to butt is what I call this with poultry. You'll thank me later.

  • If you're afraid you won't get the "right" size, remember that extras are always a good thing and can be frozen, made into soup and frozen, made into other meals and frozen...I like to freeze stuff. Lol! If you are afraid you won't get a big enough turkey, many people will opt for two smaller birds. Remember that the faster you place your deposit, the better your chances of getting the size that you want.