*SALE 50% OFF* Quartered Pastured Chicken


*SALE 50% OFF* Quartered Pastured Chicken

from 9.21

*These birds are from last season and are still delicious, but we need to make room for newer ones.

***This cut will be phased out once our inventory is gone.

Each bird is cut into four sections and frozen together in one vacuum sealed bag. This includes 2 wing and breast sections and 2 thigh and leg sections.

Click on a weight range in the drop down menu to view and select the price per bird. (The price changes show up under the title, it’s kind of small so don’t miss it ;)

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Delivery options are available every Friday morning in Shelby Twp. and every other Saturday morning in Rochester and Birmingham. Pick-up on the Farm available most days of the week. You’ll be asked during check-out where you’d like to pick-up your order.